1988-91 1
the Fractal Lab by sector one
Diamond EyesHarmony FractalRed JBlackHole1 Julia1J
Mandel1 JuliaDreams Mandel2 Mandel1cut Mandel1rose
Julia2 MutPais001 MutPais000 Synapse WatercolorSpiral1

In 1988, we began our first experiences into the fractal world, with the help of a Mac II (the first Macintosh with color : 256 with the 8 bit standart graphic card) and using some obscur softs like Megabrot or Ani-Mandel. It is hard to imagine when you got your sublime fractals in seconds today that we had to wait many hours then. For example, the one called “Julia2” was originaly named “3h47” because it was the time that Ani-Mandel took to display it… actually!!!